Everything is a choice .

It seems lately I have been neglectful of blogland, life has moved by so fast and there's been so much going on.Between work and studies i havent had time to update my blog .Maybe i should put blogging as daily routine so that i wont missed anything special.

Well, the new job is going great  ,children brings a lot of joy and laughter to my life , they are like angels and diamond , I will treasure the time we sepnd together :) So here's some picture of them . 



#1 . Continuous capture of mr F |  Acting playfulness infront of me.

#2. Waiting back to centre | happy boys & girls.

#3. Huuray ! Finally we can back home :)

Although this job did brings me happiness but i have to admit that , Im Lost.
I feel so depress & helpless until I talked with my parents and sister .I can get hard on myself at times , but my family always teach me about life ,they always being kind and nice to make me feel better.Thanks for gives me strength to face every good/bad things . Appreciate and loving them so much.Can't wait to back home and hug them tightly :)

After every storm , you will always see the sun smile again. Glad that Im back on track now , 
I know what is important and what i want , life aint easy and everyday you just have to challenge yourself to do better and better.No complaints ! No complaints ! For a better life , you have to fight . 不管有多難,笑一笑就會過去的. 有愛有希望 :)

笑還是哭自己最清楚 | 表面與現實的拉扯


Summer # 1

Huuuuraaay I finished my second year at university , and my summer holiday have started !
I love summer holiday so much , can go to beach with friends and doing all those cool stuff .
Everyone asking : what are you doing for your summer holiday ?
I do hope i can travel to others country but this plan will cost me a lot & Im already at another country now.
so......I decided :    1. Get a Job   2. Earn Money  3. Study more in this summer.
Thanks god everything goes smoothly and getting well. 
But before i start my job , better i go grab some happiness from beach. 

BIG thanks to Elainne and Jack ,  you both make a great day for me. (Hugsss)
The lovely bird decided to go Wushih Harbor for surfing , but i dont really surf so i go there and get a tan.
A typhoon is coming so we make it before that. Bless that it was an awesome day , enjoyed so much. 
So let the picture do some talk. yessss.. its all selca :p

On the way to Wushih.Cant hide the happiness.
Enjoying the sunshine

The weather is just too nice.

Tan oh Tan

sun . wind makes everything perfect

Mua & Elaine

So this is the first trip for my summer , and i think i will go for it again .
But before that i must keep exercising to make sure im still able to wear on my bikini.
On diet plan also work on now. GRRRRR...... I want get back the old me in this summer ,
Let see whats gonna happen next , Bye  :)



不是討厭 也不是喜歡 就是一種需要
安全的需要     力量的需要     對你的需要
對於知不知道 不用太明了
只要幸福就好 快樂就好

窗外的天空隔著一個玻璃 那麼的寂靜
告訴自己要放得開 看得開
不甘心一次 也就算了吧
還是會很想念 很介意


Just let it go

Accidentally delete all the pictures from my phone
And I haven't transfer to my pc yet ( sadtothemax)
Anyways lessons learnt , I will post/blog it up once I snap it.

So Memories are GONE, back in time ?
No, just let it go.
If things is belongs to you , it will come back to you someday
or else just forget about it and live your life.
 Bye past tense ,I'm not going to miss you. 



不願意相信  也一直試著安慰

這一次的輸讓人更清醒 更難忘
戲做得太真 太讓人忘懷 也太讓人記恨

就像歌在唱: 我在悲傷的預感里故作鎮定

今天的你開了一個大玩笑 而我也笑了

不是偉大的人 但既然可以讓我成長 讓我更大量那何樂而不為

上了一堂課: 要大量 , 要仁愛 :)


The lovely day is coming...

According to the Mayan calendar that Friday,Dec 21,2012 will be the end of the world!!
No please no , I want my christmas so badly even though I wish can get a new start too.
p/s:So  readers sorry that this post is not about xmas stuff , so if you hope to see something about XMAS
please stay tuned for the next post.

Things happened unexpectedly , and i make it end.
Thinking & thinking just makes everything more complicated so i just make my choice.
There's no wrong or right , its just a decision for both of us.
Thousand thanks to people who helping us all the time ,
Im so glad that having you guys be with me nomatter you're here or over msia.
There's no return for us , everything will change with time .


Another Week :)

Oh nooo... another week has gone by *like a rocket ...shiuuuuu .... gone*
but i think i have managed my time better than before .
Anyways, this time will intro a super nice place for the readers.
If you dont feel like wasting time for the topic, may leave now ...

This is a so FINALLY gathering with the old buddies
I was planning on this for whole season and finally we can make it out .
When i walked into the restaurant , they was sitting there & waving their hand to me 
Super Duper Happy is the only feeling i can describe .......
I simply love this combination... oh man i love you all 
shyt... out of topic.... nonstop sharing the feeling is so wrong.

 Wonder where we went to ?

After some research is done , we decided to pick the WITCHHOUSE .
Witchhouse is not really a restaurant but more like a cafe ?!
They're not only provide food but also board game , ALOT that kind.
I have to say if you're the lover of board game , you'll love here so much.
seee , this is the only small part of the restaurant.

what to play what to play :///

Alot , you know what is ALOT .

Bang is the board game which i love the most.Hmm should i brought it back to msia ?
We're not purposely gathering for food , so overall this cafe is okay for us.
Beside I have to praise the boss of this cafe, he / she must be a very creative person.
Read the menu & Look at the chair 
I was laughing like nobody business there even my friend start throwing me a -.-'' face. 

let's see what the dirty secret inside :)
oh well , you should call the POLICE , maybe ?
Nice one ??

Oh ! grandma's bra !! oopsss. they should keep it well.  *evilsmile*
you can get a free beverage if you dare to take off your bra and hang it there  , DARE YOU ?
Show you guys some food picture ,
So sowieee for showing this kind of low quality pic,
I promise will snap it properly and edit nicely nxtime.

Green curry with sausage.

Thai style - fishie chop

Chicken chop .

So how my readers ??
I know my pic was not so good
But Im working so hard whey ....So forgiven heh ?
If you feel like do a visit for WITCHHOUSE.
You can check this http://www.witchhouse.org/.
Hope you like this , xoxo . 
see you soon ?
                                                                    End with your truly .